Crown & Bridges


We are able to provide both aesthetic and functional crowns and bridges using a variety of techniques and materials. Our technicians are accomplished with both analogue and digital solutions. We are able to provide Ivoclar emax pressable ceramics, a variety of zirconia and metal bonded. we use Vita porcelain for all crown and bridge work, which ensures a consistent and vibrant shade for all cases.




Our zirconia is milled inhouse. We are able to provide milled translucent zirconia for lifelike aesthetics. Full contour crowns and bridges for posterior work not only provide great aesthetics it is also incredibly durable. This material can be used for full mouth implant-supported cases to cantilever bridges. All zirconia can be layered to create a superior prothesis.

Emax Pressable Ceramic


Ivoclar Emax pressable ceramics are tried and tested. They provide great aesthetics and durability. We cut back and layer all anteriors for a lifelike prothesis. Emax is great for full crowns, veneers and inlays. It also strong enough to provide 3 unit bridges, a truly versatile material.

Metal Bonded


Porcelain fused to metal is still a great restoration. It is incredibly durable and when done right has great aesthetic quality also. We are now able to scan and mill these metal substructures which ensures a passive fit and no impurities from casting. Layered with Vita porcelain we guarantee you a great shade match.