Digital Dentistry is always moving forward. One of the main advantages of digital dentistry is to improve communication between the lab and the dentist. The Final Restoration Can Be checked for inaccuracies and fixed before it is even started.

CAD/CAM Technology

With CAD/CAM technology in dentistry, the process of providing a prothesis has become more predictable, this can be good and bad, that is why we still like to customize every CAD/CAM design. There is no one design fits all in dentistry. We take the fit and strength that CAD/CAM designs guarantee and then customize the crown with stains or layering. This creates a more lifelike and unique crown, which ultimately the end goal.

Digital Communication

Intra-oral scanners (IOS) are now very common in dental practice. We have multiple scanning facilities that allow us to work with any and all scans. From these scans, we can work on Sirona Connect, Atlantis, Createch, Straumann, BTI and many more. Straumanns Dental Wings is a completely open system which enables us to receive intraoral scans from any system. We are able to produce high-quality crowns and bridges as well as implant work from Intra Oral scans. We are also able to produce accurate digital models from these.


We are able to provide a fast and efficient digital service. For clients in Scotland we can provide crowns from a scan in just 3 working days. We Mill in-house with our Straumann Amman Girbach machine and use only the highest-quality materials on the market to achieve outstanding consistency. These crowns are milled with a high translucency and high strength zirconia. For a superior crown, they can be customised to match the surrounding teeth by layering porcelain and external and internal stains. A combination of traditional tried and tested techniques and new digital methods can provide the best results.