Vitality has a dedicated team of skilled prosthetic technicians who are experienced in all areas of private denture work and have vast experience in providing implant retained dentures. We are able to provide both overdentures and implant bar work. our technicians only use the highest quality materials and techniques to ensure the finished product exceeds client’s expectations.

We also have vast experience in immediate fit conversions in the surgery. This allows the patient to have implants placed and a long term temporary fitted all within the space of hours. Available by appointment and correct planning.

We also provide essix retainers, soft splints and bleaching trays.

Prosthetic Teeth

With private cases, we use Enigma Life which is an extremely realistic and natural-looking brand of prosthetic teeth. Using these teeth gives the patient a very natural and symmetrical smile.


For private patients, we will return each finished denture fitted on to a duplicate model with the occlusion checked back on to the articulator meaning less hassle for the dentist at the fit stage. We customize the gingiva of the denture with stains and contouring to create a very lifelike appearance.

Natural looking

As technicians, we enjoy making things look as natural as possible, with a combination of skill and the use of the best materials on the market we are able to do this. With years of experience, we are confident in our ability to produce natural and functional prosthesis.