Everyone deserves their dream smile, which is what we aim for in our veneer work.

Porcelain veneers are a popular form of cosmetic dentistry designed to mask the poor appearance of stained discoloured and chipped teeth. They comprise of thin facings which are bonded to the natural tooth and made to blend with the patients current shading or to create a whole new smile. We can help your patients achieve a straighter, whiter or even re-shaped smile, tailored to their individual requirements.

The process begins with an impression of the patient’s mouth which can then be personally picked up by us, or delivered by post to our laboratory where an experienced technician will read the dentists prescription and create a beautiful smile in 3-5 working days (including delivery times).

Working with Vitality will truly ensure a hassle-free, comprehensive service from start to finish and exceed client’s expectations every time.

Shade taking

We are able to receive patients to our lab or visit practises to shade match patients. This allows us to build in more natural characteristics and provide crowns or bridges that best suit the patient and their demands.

Our Process

Our preference is using E-max pressable ceramics to create a thin substructure. This is done by firstly waxing up the veneers and then investing and pressing these wax ups to create a hard ceramic that we then layer with porcelain to customise each veneer to fit the patient’s needs. The type of pressable ceramic you use is very important, as lower translucency ceramics can mask out any discolouration that is present on the existing teeth. This technique provides not only great aesthetics but also makes the veneers extremely durable.

Create a brand new smile

Veneers can be extremely thin and ideal for minimal prepping. Once bonded on to the natural tooth they become a seamless part of that tooth. Veneers when made correctly can result in a totally new smile. They don’t always have to mean a sparkling white hollywood smile, they can look completely natural to fit the patient’s needs.